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At Unpuzzled Horsemanship, I'm passionate about forging a deep and harmonious connection between you and your equine companion. As an expert horse trainer, I am dedicated to helping you unravel the mysteries of horsemanship and build a bond that transcends the saddle. With my diverse range of training options, I cater to every horse lover's needs, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned rider.

Why Choose Unpuzzled Horsemanship?

I recognize that every horse-and-rider duo is unique. My training methods are adaptable, ensuring that you receive guidance tailored to your goals, your horse's temperament, and your learning style. I provide each student with my:

  • Training expertise

  • Personalized Approach

  • Flexibility

  • Holistic Training

Unpuzzled Horsemanship is more than a business; it's my personal passion. I love a challenge and each challenge is a puzzle I approach from a unique angle, striving to provide distinct solutions rather than one-size-fits-all answers.

Train With Me

We provide onsite, on-demand, and video-based coaching.


Onsite Training

Immerse yourself in a personalized training experience with our onsite sessions. As an experienced trainer, I will work directly with you and your horse at your location, tailoring my approach to your goals and your horse's unique personality. Whether you're aiming to master the basics or refine advanced techniques, my onsite training ensures hands-on guidance in a comfortable environment.


Video Sessions

Can't make it to our location? No problem! With my video training sessions, I bring the expertise to you. Through detailed video analysis, personalized feedback, and step-by-step instructions, I help you fine-tune your skills and address specific challenges. My virtual connection bridges the gap, making learning convenient without sacrificing quality.


On-Demand Learning

Life can be busy, and that's why I offer on-demand training modules. Access a library of comprehensive tutorials, training demonstrations, and educational resources at your own pace. Whether you're seeking guidance on groundwork, riding techniques, or horse care, my on-demand content ensures that learning fits seamlessly into your schedule.

About Us

Unpuzzled Horsemanship: Your trusted equine partner for 39 years, offering on-site, video, and on-demand training. My experience and holistic approach, help to unravel the secrets of horse-human connection, empowering riders of all levels to forge meaningful relationships and excel in the saddle.

About Christine Nibblett, Owner

I'm Christine Nibblett. My journey with horses has been a lifelong love affair, fueling my dedication to Unpuzzled Horsemanship. My mission is to not only share my extensive equine knowledge but also convey the profound life lessons that horses have imparted to me. Many individuals find themselves at a crossroads while training their own horses. I empower people to grasp the 'why' behind their equine interactions while providing actionable steps to foster clear, assured communication with their beloved companions – resulting in remarkable outcomes.

I deeply value the commitment my clients invest in their journey alongside me. As such, I pour my utmost effort into ensuring that clinics, lessons, training resources, and presentations brim with invaluable insights. My objective is for clients to depart equipped with a comprehensive toolkit and the self-assurance needed to pursue their equestrian aspirations – both within the realm of horsemanship and in the broader scope of life.

Whether you're a novice rider taking your first steps into the equestrian world or an experienced equestrian seeking to refine your skills, I work hard on your behalf providing guidance each step of the way. My journey from horse lover to accomplished trainer reflects both my commitment to lifelong learning and my desire to use this experience for my students.

Frequently Asked Questions


I need help with my horse but don't know where to start?

Often times the simplest answer is start where you are.  That’s easier said then done since at this point you may be dealing with multpile issues and have no idea which to focus on first.  There are three ways to work through these challenges. 

1. Send your horse to a reputable trainer who is willing to teach you as well.  Unfortunately, there is no such thing as One and Done.  Horsemanship is a life long journey, a marathon not a sprint.  There are two beings in this realtionship both have to build skills and understanding in order to get to the goal.  

2. Do it yourself.  This may be the area that you’re currently struggling with if that’s the case skip to #3.  If you want to take that journey with your horse and you feel safe doing so then I would highly recommend to start goal setting and journaling.  I know this seems like an odd place to start well it is but it isn’t.  “We have to know where we are going before we can get there”  Often times the day to day training with the horse can feel like you’re not not moving forward when in fact you are. The small steps can be easily overlooked!  I want to make sure you see every success even at the smallest efforts by both you and your horse.  Talking things out, or in this case writing can be a huge help to see where you are, the struggles your dealing with and the search for and the finding of those answers. 

3. Get a Coach  Hiring a coach will help you fast track your success.  Having a coach means that the coach is aware of your final goal at that moment and knows the steps to help you get there.  A coach will keep you on track so you don’t find yourself down various rabbit hole.  It’s a great way to have accountabily but encouragement as well because as we know horsemanship is not always sunshine and lollipops or in this case carrots and apples.


Why is teaching and training important to you?

Have you ever felt lost and unsure of what to do in a situation with your horse? Have you ever felt like you were alone working through a problem?  Have you ever wished you could pick up the phone and be guided to those answers? Have you ever felt like quitting because it all seems like too much? Well, you are not alone.  There are thousands of horsewomen who have a passion for their horses but are struggling to find the answers.  They want to do the best for their horse but can't find help in their local area or a trainer to visit their farm. Well, I can help with that with my new program, “Come To You Training”(that’s just a place setter; I'm not sure if I’ll change that title) via Video Training sessions or a Coaching Call.  

This is the reason I’m offering these new methods of training.  Women everywhere are trying to make it through their horsemanship journey.  Women all over the country struggle with horse behaviors they are uncertain how to handle.  Their confidence in their horses and themselves is falling or has already plummeted to the bottom, where they are considering throwing in the towel or, even worse, have already been injured by their horse. I want them to have a solution.  I want them to be able to have a safe place where they can find the answers.  I want them to have control of their options and choices.  I want them to have someone who has their back in the highs and lows of their journey.  I want to see them succeed confidently and safely in ANY goal they set.  There is no comparison of a small or a big goal.  They are all significant and vital to the one who sets it.


How long have you been training?

I have been training for just shy of four decades and have worked with horses in almost every discipline along with challenging horses in various areas of their training. I specialize in Natural Horsemanship Training, Western Dressage, all-around safe horsemanship, effective communication on the ground and in the saddle, and building confidence in both horse and human. I successfully competed for many years in Dressage and Eventing, and have brought numerous students through training and conditioning programs to complete extreme trail riding goals and dreams.  I’ve had the pleasure of training with my mentor, the late great Jack Brainard, and through the Parelli Program and, of course, the horse who will be my forever teacher.

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